Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide primary care for your patients or are they required to have their own primary care provider?

All of my patients will require their own primary care provider outside of our clinic. I am happy to closely coordinate with your PCP but they will need to manage everything. I want to be able to focus on the specific areas that primary care providers don’t typically have the time for and given it the time and dedication they need. I will work in conjunction with your PCP but not in place of them.

What payment options are available?

We are considered a “fee-for-service” or cash pay business. We do not accept insurance but you can use insurance for labs. We accept check, credit and debit cards as well as flex spending (FSA)/Health Savings(HSA). We are eligible for FSA/HSA purchases but it is your responsibility to ensure services are covered by your individual plan.

Do you offer free consults?

No, we do not offer free consults with Allie. We are happy to set you up with someone from the office to discuss further questions and concerns about the program/costs and options prior to starting.

Can you send prescriptions to a normal pharmacy?

Yes. Some of the prescriptions for oral medications, and even some hormone prescriptions can be sent to your pharmacy and you can use your insurance for these. Compounded medication/bio-identical hormones/peptides and some other products can not go to normal pharmacy or be utilized with insurance.


Will you be offering any other services in the future?

We will be incorporating bioidentical hormone pelleting with comprehensive evaluation and monitoring in the near future, ideally in July or August. We will also be adding on additional peptide and nutritional injection therapies within the first 3-4 months after we open April 1st, 2024. And we will likely be offering Botox in the future, likely 6 months after opening. More information to come on other services we are planning to add in the near future.